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The main goal of Lower School is to combine academic with social skills. Here, at Centro Educativo Las Morochas, we want our students to succeed academically and in life. To achieve these goals, CELM offers the core curriculum of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies; all held in English from grades 1 through 5. In addition, students have other classes such as Spanish, Art, Technology, Physical Education, French, Craft, Library and Music.


Centro Educativo Las Morochas is a small school where the students are able to learn in a caring community where the classes’ ratio is in average 6:1. This allows teachers to create fun and enthusiastic atmospheres within their classrooms. Also, teachers are very hands-on, overseen closely their students developing and adapting their lessons to their student’s needs.


Students are tested twice a year with the NWEA assessments, approved by AdvancED, in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, focusing in Grammar and Writing, and Mathematics. Teachers also assess students at the end of each unit in all the core subjects. Each quarter parents do not receive a traditional report card with numbers next to each subject. Instead, here at CELM, parents receive a skilled based report card. This allows parents to see which skills were mastered or not, in every core subject and special classes, this skills are close related to the grade profile.

Parents are also able to see their children development constantly through our Admin Plus Portal. Teachers update their grades weekly, and parents can access this website and communicate with the teachers through direct messages. Also, there are two Parent-Teacher conferences where students are an active part on this, but parents who need to get in contact with teachers just need to ask for a date with the teacher and it will be addressed as soon as possible. At these conferences, parents meet with their children and their teacher to discuss their report cards, their academic growth, set and discusses future goals and objectives to succeed during the school year.


Also, at the end of each quarter, a student is selected as the “Student of the Quarter.” This is not an academic award. This recognition is for students who portray constantly our school values:  Responsibility, Effort, Self- Control, Positive Attitude, Effective Communication, Cooperation and Tolerance.

Centro Educativo Las Morochas offers after school activities for  students, if you want to know more about visit the section “After school activities”.

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