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Talbot Library Resources is a place for learning and thinking, which also play a key role in supporting, developing enjoyment of reading, and multiple literacies. This school library is looking for make a difference in students' understanding and achievement; as well we provide support for teaching and learning throughout the school.


At Centro Educativo Las Morochas (CELM) we consider our library as an important part of the school that reflects and welcomes ELM community. It is a fundamental resource at school that assists students’ learning, and a central support for teaching staff. The objective of this school library is motivates collaborative leaving and sharing of ideas. Thanks of the rapid advances in information technologies, and a changing and revolutionized world, our library provides an area of computers that allows students to have quick and easy access to updated information.


Traditional libraries are still handling largely printed materials that are expensive and bulky that we still need, but information seekers are no longer satisfied with only printed materials, reason why we want to supplement the printed data with more dynamic electronic resources, because demands for digital information are increasing every day.

At Centro Educativo Las Morochas we offer you easy access to printed or digital materials that little by little we will be increasing to keep providing an extensive support to any instructional program.

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