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Why study in Germany?

The Federal Republic of Germany is situated in the heart of Europe. 82 million people live here, of whom 7,3 million are foreigners. Germany has nine neighbours: Denmark to the north, the Netherlands and Belgium to the north-west, France and Luxembourg to the west, Austria and Switzerland to the south, the Czech Republic and Poland to the east. Nearly half the German people live in 85 towns with a population of more than 100.000. A lively, multicultural scene thrives in the population centres. “Studentville”, often located in a historical part of town, is where you can find everything your heart desires: bars with live music, antiquarian bookshops, second-hand bicycles. Did you know that one hundred years ago half of all students studying abroad were actually studying in Germany? At that time, Germany was a magnet for all those keen on getting top-class education and training. And the country can indeed look back on a long university tradition. The oldest university in present-day Germany is the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, founded in 1386. But other institutions of higher education can also look back on a history spanning several centuries.


Germany is quality, Germany is not expensive, Language is NOT a problem, Germany is beautiful!

For more information visit:

Germany Embassy 

in Venezuela

Honorary Consulate of Germany in Maracaibo

Venezuela Embassy

 in Germany

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